Richmond Emergency Physicians, Inc. provides a variety of medical services in the Richmond, Virginia area. No matter the service provided, we are dedicated to providing unmatched quality care.


Emergency medicine lives by the mantra, “anyone, anytime, anything.” As emergency medicine physicians, we are trained to be there for our patients regardless of ability to pay, 24 hours a day, no matter the illness. At Richmond Emergency Physicians Inc we are proud of this distinction and we love what we do.

REPI specializes in emergency medicine at all stages of life. From our pediatric emergency medicine specialists treating children in the pediatric ER, to our comprehensive senior services team, our focus is on tailoring care with the patient in mind. No one patient is the same, so why would the care be the same? REPI believes in meeting the patient where they are to provide excellent care and the best patient experience.


Our pediatric doctors are Board Certified in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. They are pediatric emergency physicians; not just pediatricians. All our pediatric emergency physicians have received specialized training in pediatric emergency medicine. They’re very much attuned to the acute care needs of infants, babies, children, and teens.  In addition, every nurse you encounter in St. Mary’s Pediatric ED is specially trained to care for children, and will deliver that care with patience and compassion.

St. Mary’s Hospital has the West End’s only dedicated pediatric emergency department. The  REPI physicians who staff the Pediatric ED are Board certified in pediatric emergency medicine. They are all trained in the latest age-appropriate medical equipment and supplies for infants, children, and young adults. St. Mary’s also has pediatric subspecialists on staff and a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit should it become necessary.

Pediatric treatment rooms are separate from the main ER and monitored at all times so you and your child will always feel secure. We use a special device that can take a child’s blood pressure in 15 seconds, reducing their discomfort.  Our department is the only Pediatric ED in the city that uses the J-Tip System for painless IV placement.  And if your child needs an X-ray, we follow the Society of Pediatric Radiology guidelines for using the lowest dose of radiation to produce the best imaging results.


In cooperation with Bon Secours, Dr. Zachary Dillon and the REPI Senior Services Emergency Department (SSED) team have worked to develop a SSED that focuses specifically on the unique medical needs associated with caring for our senior population. The staff in this department understands that sometimes our seniors need special care or instruction even after he or she leaves the hospital. Our SSED staff is highly trained particularly to provide counseling on things like medication, and coordination of follow-up visits.

So what is a ‘Senior ED’ and why should you receive your emergency care there?
Our community is aging, and while every senior is unique, there are some things that many seniors have in common; particularly the need for healthcare professionals who understand the unique needs of every senior citizen. The SSED at Bon Secours Health System at St. Mary’s Hospital, are finding ways to make their visit quicker, easier, and less stressful. It’s important that we give all our patients and visitors excellent care, and for seniors, that includes paying attention to the little things that are of particular importance to them.

What makes a senior ED different from a regular ED?
It’s all about attention to details that make the senior care special. We are attentive to their needs. Here are some of the features designed especially for seniors:

    • Dimmed lighting and soothing colors.
    • Larger treatment areas.
    • Larger print on signs.
    • Textured nonskid floors.
    • Extra handrails in the hallways.
    • Larger clocks.
    • Gown warmers and extra heating.
    • Quieter treatment areas.
    • No blinking lights or beeping machines.
    • Thicker more comfortable mattresses.
    • Nurse practitioners, an ED physician, and social workers who have a special gift for working with seniors.

For our senior patients, this means those in need of care receive outstanding medical treatment delivered by talented and compassionate physicians. Each patient is treated with integrity, compassion, and most importantly, specialized medical decision making delivered promptly to help assure the most positive outcomes possible.

Our SSED medical staff provides an integral part of a concerted team effort to achieve the best results possible for all patients. In both collaborative and consultative respects, REPI physicians understand that it is the entire medical team that makes the difference.


A free standing Emergency Room is the best of both worlds. Our free standing ER’s provide the high quality of care you expect from a full-service hospital in a comfortable, state-of-the-art free standing facility without the wait. Because of these expectations, leading a free standing ED effectively is an art form.

REPI has been staffing and providing medical direction at Bon Secours Westchester Emergency Center since 2011. During that time, the patient volumes per day have doubled, while patient satisfaction scores have consistently been excellent. REPI has achieved this by focusing on quality care and excellent patient experience.

If you have been a patient at Westchester, we thank you and we ask that you return for your emergency care needs. If we have not had the pleasure to meet you, we ask that you visit us at Westchester for your next emergency need.

Bon Secours Short Pump Emergency Center opened in September 2018. REPI has brought the same high quality of free standing care from Westchester to Short Pump. We are excited to serve your emergency needs in the newest most state of the art freestanding emergency department!


REPI is a leader in transport medicine and emergency medical transportation (EMS).  REPI physicians are operational medical directors (OMD) for several local EMS agencies.  Dr. Robert Powell is the OMD for Hanover Fire/EMS, Kings Dominion, Richmond Airport, and Emergency Training Systems.  Dr. Randy Geldreich is the OMD for Ashland VRS, Tuckahoe VRS and the medical director for Bon Secours Critical Care Transport.  Bon Secours Critical Care transport (CCT) is an interfacility transport team staffed by an EMT, Paramedic, Registered Nurse, and Respiratory Therapist.  The CCT team transports NICU, PICU, maternal fetal as well as adult critical care patients.  The CCT team has experience in complex transports including ECMO, balloon pumps, nitric oxide, and heliox.


“Everyone is dear to our hearts. The staff has blessed us, taught us, and genuinely loved us. I’ve received many comforting hugs and concern for my well-being. Very communicative with results.”

REPI Patient

“My experience & my husband’s experience at SMH was great! We had come in from a flight from vacation abroad and both needed medical treatment. It was an unnecessary situation and in the middle of the night, and the entire staff took great care of us and made the experience as good as possible. I hope our entire care team is recognized! Thanks again!”

St. Marys Hospital Patient

“This was the best emergency care we have received. We have talked about it several times since visiting. It is comforting to know that Short Pump Medical Center is so close to us, had an amazing staff, no wait time, is extremely clean, and cares about my family and any follow ups that may be needed.”

Short Pump Freestanding ER Patient

“The doctor was in the room with us as soon as we were brought in. He was informative, concerned, and comforting. He made sure all our questions were answered and took the time to ask us questions and LISTEN to our answers.”

REPI Patient