What is included in my bill?

This bill is for services rendered by the Emergency Physician. The Emergency Physician is a doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. The hospital has requested the services of an Emergency Physician in supervising the care you receive in the Emergency Department.

The Emergency Physician is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, referral and/or discharge of all patients receiving care in the Emergency Department. If you receive an additional bill from the Hospital, it will be for use of the Hospital’s supplies, equipment and technical personnel, and will not include the Emergency Physician’s fee.

How can I contact your billing office?

You can call our office Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm at 1-866-898-7138. You can also log into our system, and access your account by using the secure login/password found on your statement.

How do I contact the doctor who treated me?

Since our physicians staff the Emergency Department, they do not have office hours. You can send any correspondence to the billing office and our staff will forward your concerns to the attending physician. Please mail your correspondence to the address listed on your invoice.

Can I get a copy of my chart?

We do not have your official medical records in our office. You can contact the Medical Records Department at the facility you were treated in for a copy of the complete medical record.

Have you received payment from my insurance carrier?

We have found it can take up to two weeks for insurance companies to issue and mail insurance payments after they have sent the patient an explanation of benefits. We will gladly put a 30 day hold on your account once you contact us that payment has been sent. You can contact us by email through your login, by phone 1-866-898-7138 or use standard mail to mail us at the address on your invoice. You may also use the question form at the bottom of this page. After 30 days your billing cycle will resume if no payment has been received.

I have been granted Charity Care by the hospital. Why am I receiving this bill?

We are generally notified when charity care is granted. If you feel that you are receiving a bill in error, please contact our office and provide us with a copy of your letter from the hospital. You can email us via your secure login on or call us at 1-866-898-7138.

How can I submit a claim to my insurance company?

To protect your healthcare privacy, we do not include some items on your invoice that will be needed for filing claims to insurance carriers. If you would like us to submit the health insurance claim on your behalf, you can provide the information via your secure login, call the Customer Service center at 1-866-898-7138 or send us a letter with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card at the address on your invoice and we will file a claim for you.


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